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Bio Bella products have been formulated to meet the needs of different skin types, according to the age of the skin. The following three lines have been developed:

  • The Invigorating line, for younger skin of normal, sensitive, dehydrated or dry types.
  • The Stabilizing line, developed to care for oily skin types, for people of all ages.
  • The High-performance line, meeting the needs of more mature skin types, whether normal, sensitive or dehydrated or dry.

Experience has also shown us that repeated use of chemical products on the skin, in particular silicone, contributes to the formation of a layer that may give it a more sleek appearance, but which blocks the pores at the same time, as though a plastic film had been placed over the skin. This makes the skin more sensitive or reactive, preventing proper absorption of active ingredients.

In order to ensure a smooth transition to Bio Bella products and maximize the effects of its active ingredients on the skin, we have created a Transition set, products developed specifically to detoxify the skin, eliminating all trace of chemical products. We have called it simply the Transition set in reference to the butterfly symbol used on our products, and to your passage over to a healthier choice of products.

In order to guide you in the choice of your products, we invite you to answer the following questions:

1- Are you already using biocosmetic products that are 100% natural or are you using cosmetic products that include chemical ingredients, such as silicone, paraben or chemical preservatives?