Bio Bella

Bio Bella biocosmetics: care products for the face and makeup based on ingredients that are 100% organic or environmentally-friendly, that respect your aesthetic beauty and health, as well as our environment.

Based on natural plants and components carefully selected for their recognized beneficial actions, including Labrador tea, argan oil and geranium, Bio Bella products are composed of powerful, active ingredients.

The preservative used in all Bio Bella products is composed of plants, including thyme and oregano, that have been fermented according to a patented method. The bioprocess of fermentation liberates powerful active ingredients from the plant, creating bio-available micronutrients and nano-nutrients. These elements possess anti-microbial and antibacterial properties.

Bio Bella includes three product lines to meet the specific needs of your skin:

  • Invigorating line, for younger skin of normal type, sensitive, dehydrated or dry.
  • Stabilizing line, developed to care for mixed or oily skin types, for people of all ages.
  • High-performance line, meeting the needs of more mature skin types, whether normal, sensitive or dry.

The Transition Set 

Bio Bella has created a transition set, products developed specifically to detoxify the skin, eliminating all trace of chemical products and ensuring a smooth transition toward Bio Bella products. We have called it the Transition setin reference to the butterfly symbol used on our products, and to your passage over to a healthier choice of products. This skin care set contains:

It is advisable to continue using these products following your transition to natural products, according to the specific needs of your skin. They can be used as a complement to the product care line that suits you best.

Invigorating line

The Invigorating line has been formulated for younger skin, with ingredients recognized for their nourishing and vivifying actions, like Labrador tea and geranium.

We recommend two sets: for normal skin, a set that includes Cleansing milk, Toning lotion and Toning cream; for sensitive, dehydrated or dry skin, a set that includes Cleansing milk, Toning lotion and Moisturizing toning cream.

High-performance line

Mature skin types are rehydrated and become firmer with the Bio Bella High-performance line, composed of active natural plants and components, such as argan oil, hyaluronic acid and glycogen.

For normal skin, we recommend a set that includes Cleansing milk, High performance lotion and High performance cream. For sensitive, dehydrated or dry skin, the use of this set that includes Cleansing milk, High performance lotion and Moisturizing high performance cream is recommended.

Stabilizing line

Specially created for oily skin types, whether young or mature, the Stabilizing line has a gentle action. The natural plants and components it contains, such as rosemary, lavender and Fleisher willow, have been selected for their purifying, anti-inflammatory and regulating actions. The Stabilizing line includes Cleansing milkStabilizing lotion and Stabilizing gelStabilizing serum and Eye contour gel.