Aster is a professional range of cosmetic products, developed for professional aestheticians and beauticians who:

  • are seeking products that treat and correct, in particular for clients with mature or problem skin;
  • prefer working only with products containing no chemical or toxic ingredients;
  • are seeking truly effective products to offer to a clientele concerned about both health and the environment;
  • wish to offer exclusive and affordable products and care treatments to their clientele.
  1. 1. Aster provides effective, natural products to be used in clinics:
  • A range of unique care treatments and formulas for use in clinics. These treatments are based on a composition of raw ingredients such as clay, fruit powder, plant powder, vegetable oils and essential oils;
  • Effective products, composed of up to 99.7% active ingredients;
  • Natural products that are good for both our health and the environment:
    • Without any chemical or toxic ingredients, paraben-free
    • 100% of the ingredients are organic
  • Established, proven protocols for the care of mature and problem skins
  • The possibility of creating one’s own recipes, adapted to the needs of a particular clientele.
  1. 2. Support:
  • Training sessions for professionals in order to ensure a superior level of quality care and adequate knowledge of how the products should be used and sold;
  • Diverse and dynamic seminars on our products, new items, etc.;
  • Personalized after-sales service.
  1. 3. Aster also offers:
  • A complete range of daily care products, destined for resale and presented in attractive, practical packaging, exclusive to professionals in the Aster network;
  • Information sheets and posters to interest and inform your clientele;
  • The possibility of organizing customized events for your clinic and clientele.

Would you like to become an Aster bio-aesthetician?

Contact Carmen St-Pierre on 819-374-0202 or toll-free on 1-866-327-0202.

Aster bio-aestheticians are professionals who share the values of Soins Aster. They undertake ongoing training in order to provide optimal care using Aster products, and to be able to correctly advise their clients about the purchase and use of products for the home, that are destined for resale.

Danielle Lemieux, esthéticienne

776, boul. Thibeau

Trois-Rivières, Qc

G8T 7A6

(819) 909-6284

Karen Dufour, bio-esthéticienne

5420, rue Du Mans

Trois-Rivières, Qc

G8Y 5W2

(819) 384-2339

Esthétique O-Drey

Audrey Samson

140, rue Des Seigneurs

Saint-Étienne-des-Grès, Qc

G0X 2P0

(819) 535-9063

Centre de coiffure et d’esthétique Jac-O

Isabelle Audette

124, boul. Sainte-Madeleine

Trois-Rivières, Qc

G8T 3L4



Lynda Proulx, Dermo-bio-esthéticienne

22, rue du Pimbina

Lévis (secteur Breakeyville), Qc

G6Z 7H8

(418) 832-0583

Beauté Divine Bio esthétique

Alexandra Roberge

841, ave. Marguerite-Bourgeoys, local 200

Ville de Québec, Qc

G1S 3W7

(418) 682-6994

Esthétique Originelle

Amélie Julien-Emond

545, rue Notre-Dame

Donnacona, Qc

G3M 1J4

(418) 285-7610

Salon d’Esthétique Marianne

Jessika Milliard

905, 2e Rue Guimond

La Pocatière, Qc

G0R 1Z0

(418) 856-4363

Clinique Denyse Lessard Centre de détente

Valérie Gilbert

450, boul. Vachon Nord

Sainte-Marie, Qc

G6E 1M1

(418) 387-3932

Stéphanie Duchesne, esthéticienne

3164, boul. Louis XIV

Ville de Québec (arrond. Beauport), Qc

G1C 1M7

(418) 254-2496

Aster products are also available from health and beauty professionals:

Esthétique privée

1371, rue Lavérendrye

Trois-Rivières, Qc

G8Z 2C6

(819) 370-5208

ISanté Beauté

7361, rue Notre-Dame-Ouest

Trois-Rivières, Qc

G9B 1L7

(819) 840-8020

France Sirois

326, rue Vachon

Trois-Rivières (secteur Cap-de-la-Madeleine), Qc

G8T 8Y2

(819) 693-5869

La maison d’Isa Beauté

7670, rue Joseph-Guay

Trois-Rivières, Qc

G8Y 5Z5


Esthétique Nancy Rousseau

1675, boul. Cusson

Drummondville, Qc

J2C 5H5

(819) 474-7302

Krystina Smith Esthétique

785, rue Guy

Drummondville, Qc

J2C 1G8

(819) 818-5022

Esthétique Grain de Beauté

447, route de l’École

Bécancour, Qc

G0Z 1H0

(819) 285-2000

Isabelle Dion


747, rue de Maskinongé

Ville de Québec, Qc

G1X 2N5

(418) 656-0702

France Lortie Esthétique

79, rue Doyon

Ville de Québec (arrond. Beauport), Qc

G1E 5G1

(418) 806-1261

Clinique Masséo

1379, Chemin Ste-Foy

Québec, Qc

G1S 2N2

(418) 934-8377


1300, rue de l’Anse

Saint-Hyacinthe, Qc

J2S 8B1

(450) 501-0423

Marylène Richer Esthéticienne

3411, rue Lacombe

Montréal, Qc

H3T 1L9

(514) 835-8438

Centre Santé Beauté L’Éveil

7482, ave. de Fougeray

Montréal (arrond. Anjou), Qc

H1K 3K1

(514) 256-7087

Esthétique Électrolyse Natacha

7198, Chemin de Chambly

Ville de Longueuil (arrond. St-Hubert), Qc

J3Y 3R5

(514) 219-2183

Esthétique Jessica Bélanger

1046, ave. des Anémones

Saint-Jérôme, Qc

J7Z 6X2

(450) 431-2111

Fusion Yoga Massage

Esthétique Hélène Forget

565, rue Notre-Dame

Repentigny, Qc

J6A 2T6

(438) 881-4049

Nathalie Robidas, esthéticienne

Centre de Beauté Pure Esthétique

2360, Chemin Lefebvre

Sherbrooke (Saint-Élie-d’Orford)

J1R 0G6

(819) 437-4242

“I’ve been working in the field of beauty care for over 20 years and I’ve had the opportunity of trying out a number of product lines. Since I have specialized in the area of problem skin, I look for lines that really perform. I’ve been working with Aster products for several years and I can say that I have finally found my line. Effective, natural and fairly priced, meaning that my clients can afford it. What more could I ask?”

Lynda Proulx, Dermo-Bio-aesthetician/Phytotherapist
Breakeyville, Québec

“I’ve been involved in the beauty care field for some 12 years. Having tried several different lines, I can affirm that the quality of the ingredients in Aster products is truly exceptional! Results using Aster products are visible right from the initial treatments in clinic. Aster is one of the only companies that offers us effective products for treatments, and that contain no chemical or dangerous ingredient that is harmful to our health! Aster also has a very fine range of products for resale to satisfy our entire clientele, to treat all types of skin and all skin problems, while respecting the client’s well-being and having an excellent quality/price ratio! Who could ask for more?

Audrey Samson, Aesthetician
St-Étienne-des-Grès, Québec